Our Mission

N’SESA International is much more than simply a company. As a group, it extends far beyond that—it’s student run, keeps a total of 0% of the profit it makes, and invests that same profit in a multitude of service projects around the world. N’SESA’s projects are boundless; they range from buying land for school expansion to stabilizing and improving the lives of people infected by HIV/AIDS—all while simultaneously helping to nurture the economic development of the small communities it works with. The goals are big; The process is complicated. The operation is far from easy. However, here at N’SESA, you will find that all the members are united by one thing: the ability and passion to take on the hardest challenges head-on in order to pursue success and change the world.

So what is the operation? At its core, N’SESA is a collaboration of schools that sponsor and fundraise for a few projects. These projects are submitted by established partners, typically non-profit organizations who are always credible and highly motivated. In order to fundraise, schools will mainly run a store selling products handmade in the communities of our partners—however, it is not uncommon to find a school that will organize its own concert or art gallery to help find extra funds. To learn more in detail, click “read more.”

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The essence of our idea.


We hope to make changes around the world to issues important to us. It is through our projects that we can achieve that goal. Anyone can join us in improving the world. That’s why you can propose a project to us, even if you are not part of the company. Do you have an issue important to you? Tell us and we will sponsor you.




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The backbone of our operations.

Schools are like the branches on a tree: while roots of the tree may draw the nutrients from the ground, branches are what distributes the nutrients. Schools help facilitate operations in a clean and organized manner, and we are always looking for more branches to grow!

Schools operate very independently from each other; schools will have different projects, different products, and even different strategies or techniques as well! As a result, our branch presidents need more than just people management skills— they need to be visionary as well. Yet while schools may be independent, ultimately they are still tied at the roots: all chapters have the same mission. As such, a team comprised of leaders from every school chapter will occasionally meet to collaborate on strategies to make N’SESA as a whole run more efficiently.

We hope our school chapters will not only extend our outreach to more individuals globally, but spread benefits internally as well. At N’SESA, we strive for school chapters to inspire passion for service and teach skills like marketing or design through experience interest—something that would be unavailable in the classroom. Interested?



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The Goods

The N’SESA store features a wide selection of handmade goods from all over the globe. Each item is carefully selected by the employees, and is then sold to the general public. The products are carefully made by experienced craftspeople of varying races, ethnicities and cultures from several regions of the world including Peru, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Serbia.  The N’SESA staff takes great pride in incorporating the cultural diversity of the craftspeople and makes sure the profit generated by these products is returned to social projects in the region where it was made.  Donating 100% of our profit to non-profits in the region improves the quality of the people’s lives by providing financial support for areas such as such as health, education, and a better life as a whole.

N’SESA takes great care to make sure all products are made in conduct to fair trade laws and buy them at wholesale or retail price to protect the craftspeople it works with. As a result, many, if not all, of the products sold in the store are produced by the partner organizations or the communities they work with.

To view our entire selection, click here.

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